Interactive installation for an Oncology Fair

When: October 2017
Where: Design Group Italia
Client: Bristol Myers

Design Group Italia was commissioned by bluefactoryevents and Sudler Digital to create a stand for Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global biopharmaceutical company, for the congress of AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) in Rome in October 2017. The idea was to have the stand feature a huge “abacus” where the guests were invited to roll the letters to form names of pharmacological products created by Bristol-Myers Squibb. If the combination matched, an animated light passed along its frame ending in a display where a video with more information about that product was played.



While my colleague worked on the mechanism of the cubes of the “abacus” I developed the lighting effect for its frame and the video player for the huge screen to play a specific video when the user was matching a word with the selected ones.