Digital Calendar for Meeting Rooms

Year: November 2017
Where: Personal Project – Milan, Italy


Most companies use internally Office 365 also as a tool for the booking of their meeting rooms. However, it happens that employees that need a meeting room occupy physically the empty ones, without checking online the associated calendar to see if it’s available or not. This creates a lot of inconveniences.

Starting from this problem to solve my idea has been to create a device to stick outside the meeting rooms. This device is connected to the Office 365 Calendar in order to display the current status of availability and, in case, the three following slots of bookings of the current day.

Apart from this connection and use of the Office 365 API / Azure I wanted to create a device that could consume as less battery as possible in order to avoid power cable.

The result is an Electronic Digital Ink Display that can last for months or years that connected to the WiFi is able to download and display the desired information.



I took care about the entire project: electronic assembly, embedded software, backend development.