Website Development

When: September 2015

Where: University College of London

Client: University College of London


UCL Decide has two main categories of clients – digital startups and established companies.

In partnership with IDEA London, it offers digital startups services like UX Design consultancy the possibility to upload and test applications on AppLab and the ability to use Device Lab, the biggest collection of mobile devices in UK.

To companies, it offers the design and development of digital products.

In addition, it hosts a diverse range of events.

UCL Decide needed an informative responsive website for them and for their startups that was easy to use and update by anyone, with different content restrictions. Moreover, it could contain a section for startups to apply for a support program.


  • Gathered requirements
  • UX Evaluation of their old website
  • Prepared and conducted stakeholder interviews,
  • Analysed their quantitative data from Google Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Prepared and conducted usability testing of their old website
  • Did competitor benchmarking
  • Did Contextual Research
  • Created Personas
  • Created User Journey
  • Researched interesting GUI and tools on different websites
  • Organized Card Sorting
  • Created an Information Architecture
  • Made Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and reiteration
  • Visual Layout
  • Development