A social mood sharing application

When: May 2015

Where: University College of London


In the last few years we have faced increased use of social networks, with users becoming more social with the ability to share thoughts instantly.


While this is positive, it has also meant that people can easily mask how they’re feeling.

Our challenge is to create an app. that bridges the gap between actual emotion and crafting a form of expression.

The app. has to be enjoyable for users, quick to update the mood and easy for friends to let you know that they are ‘thinking of you’.



  • Gathered requirements
  • Prepared and conducted stakeholders interviews,
  • Surveys
  • Did competitor benchmarking
  • Did Contextual Research
  • Created Personas
  • Created User Journey
  • Created an Information Architecture
  • Researched of interesting GUI and tools on different wen and native applications
  • Organized Card Sorting
  • Created an Information Architecture
  • Made Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and reiteration
  • Visual Layout