Micro Experimental Growing

Year: 2017
Where: Design Group Italia
Client: D’Alesio&Santoro and Design Group Italia

Humans require food, water and shelter in order to survive, however these things do not exist in abundance and make humans inherently dependent upon their optimization and preservation.

MEG is a greenhouse that allows complete control over the key elements for successfully growing plants, such as light-cycles (wavelengths, intensity, duration), ventilation, temperature, irrigation and soil PH. All the aspects regarding this hydroponic greenhouse are monitored and controllable remotely using a web dashboard.

MEG allows any plant to be grown following a “recipe” containing all the parameters for its settings during day or night for the growing periods of the year. These recipes can be shared among the users for their improvement.



Every single floor can be considered a module and can be managed independently by the central unit regarding light, humidity, temperature and the the solution with the nutrients. A web platform allows you to create a recipe containing all the values for the different phases.


The team of D’Alesio&Santoro designed and built the structure following my instructions regarding the hardware control. In addition, I developed the entire front and back end to easily allow any user to change the settings and to monitor the different parameters.

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